We look forward to receiving high resolution art work and written submissions – from haiku to short story –  of up to 2000 words, on any aspect of TCK life, by authors who were younger than 27 at the moment of writing.

The deadline for submissions is end April 2014.

Submissions can be sent to, in plain Times New Roman 12 font.  Artwork will be published in black and white and must be submitted in the highest possible resolution.

Authors, aged 0-27, have the explicit right to remain anonymous or submit their work using a nom-de-plume.

Minimum requirements that need to accompany submissions: A name, the age when the submitted work was created, countries the author has lived in and a three word motto, which is relevant to their life (Eva’s, for example is: connect – contribute – celebrate). If desired, they may add any information – website, blog, email, twitter – by which their art / writing can be followed, for example:

Jane Chen, 12, Korea, Australia; positive, thoughtful, expressive;, @janesblog

The texts will be organised by age.

The Anthology: We will select up to 100 contributions and publish them at Summertime Publishing, a publishing company that specialises in book by and for people living abroad. The cover features art work by Beth Eisinger, a TCK artist who grew up in the Midwest, Germany and Turkey.

All submissions will be presented to The Expatriate Archive Centre in The Hague, The Netherlands, where they will be preserved and available to the public for future reading and research.

We truly hope that our project will inspire you to become a promoter and a multiplicator. Please spread the word within your networks – locally and globally.

Contact us at or by calling +31.65.365.31.21 and let us know how we can make this project better, and more meaningful.

Want a flyer?
Email to ask us for a two page flyer that you can print out and share with your schools and clubs.

Publication date – autumn 2014


3 Responses to Submissions

  1. Doria says:

    Do you have to be under 27 to submit?

  2. Doria says:

    Great, thank you so much!

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