We are getting there…

finishlinepicTwo years and four months after the idea was first born for this anthology I am delighted to announce that we have entered the last leg of the journey. Here is our update:

  • We received over 160 submissions from TCKs aged between four and 27.
  • We have selected over 45,000 words of material from approximately 70 contributors.
  • We have three interns helping with editing, collation and PR. All are in their twenties and all have attended the Families in Global Transition Conference. They are Hanna Smit, Dina Amouzigh and Cerine Jin.
  • We have this website, a Facebook page, use the Twitter handle @expatbooks and the Instagram name @summertimewords
  • We have five sponsors – Peggy Love, Julia Simens, Becky Grappo, Tina Quick and Josh Stephens
  • We found a designer, Leigh Cann, based in the Netherlands, who has waived her design fee for the project.
  • Thanks to our generous sponsors, it looks like we will now be able to donate at least 15% of the profit to The FIGT Dave Pollock Scholarship Fund, which provides free registration to a selection of applications each year.
  • The Worlds Within Anthology will be published in time for Christmas.
  • We are giving a free copy of the book to the first 100 international schools to get in touch with us and thank Julia Simens for underwriting the cost of doing so and Tina Quick for offering to do the posting.

About Jo Parfitt

Publisher at Summertime Publishing since 1997. Author of 32 books and publisher of 150 or so more (number grows every month). Mentor to hundreds of new writers. Specialises in producing books by and for people who live overseas. Books sold via www.expatbookshop.com and online bookstores. Offers a personal author mentoring service, supporting, editing and advising writers from brainwave to bookshelf and beyond. Additionally run www.writingmetreats.com and run writing workshops.
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