A fourth sponsor – RNG International Education Consultants

We are delighted to announce that Becky Grappo has joined the project as our FOURTH sponsor. Becky and Michelle run a superb consultancy helping families worldwide to make the right education choices for their children. They are going to fund the publishing costs for the project and we are extremely grateful for their support.

I first met Becky online through a third party acquaintance and like magic, it seemed, she was soon inviting me to visit Oman, stay in her house and run a couple of workshops. It took us less than five minutes in the drive from the airport to her home, to become firm friends.

Rebecca (Becky) Grappo is a veteran expat herself, she founded RNG international Educational Consultants in order to help students and families around the world find the right fit boarding school or college. She is joined in her practice by her daughter, Michelle Grappo, who brings her expertise as a school psychologist and a TCK.



About Jo @ SummertimePublishing

Publisher at Summertime Publishing since 1997. Author of 30 books and publisher of 80 or so more (number grows every month). Specialises in producing books by and for people who live overseas; particularly interested in anthologies, how to, country guides and memoir. Books all sold via www.expatbookshop.com. Also provide a personal author mentoring service, supporting, editing and advising writers from brainwave to bookshelf and beyond.
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