Another sponsor for The Worlds Within TCK anthology

I am overjoyed. Our second sponsor in a little over a week has popped up in my inbox. Thank you, THANK YOU, to Julia Simens, author of Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child at

Julia has generously agreed to fund the printing and posting of 100 books to savvy international schools for their libraries.

Julia's book, available on Amazon in print and kindle format

Julia’s book, available on Amazon in print and kindle format

At this year’s Families in Global Transition Conference in Washington, DC, Julia gave an electrifying performance on those beloved strangers who work in our homes during postings overseas. Here, below is a drawing by her son, Grant, aged 4 or 5 at the time, who drew their family, with their two ‘beloved strangers’ poignant in pencil when they lived in Jakarta.

Family by Grant Simens

Family by Grant Simens



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Publisher at Summertime Publishing since 1997. Author of 30 books and publisher of 80 or so more (number grows every month). Specialises in producing books by and for people who live overseas; particularly interested in anthologies, how to, country guides and memoir. Books all sold via Also provide a personal author mentoring service, supporting, editing and advising writers from brainwave to bookshelf and beyond.
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